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I am pleased to annouce that the print paperback version will soon be released and that it will include the entire Career Management Binder Builder Workbook within it’s pages. Please be sure to sign up for the mailing list to receive notification of the release date!


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The problem with the mailing list link from the e-book has now been corrected. I am sorry for the inconvenience. You may sign up for the list here. This is required if you wish to receive the free PDF version of the Career Management Binder Builder Workbook. So please don’t delay, get your workbook today! (And I’m a poet, and didn’t know it…).

Have You Started Building Your Career Management Binder?

So you already have the book…but have you started working on your binder?

If not, then stop procrastinating – no matter which phase of the job search cycle you are in; your CMB is an invaluable tool to have in your arnsel.

Having an upated CMB is like having a job search insurance policy! You will never have to struggle to find the information needed to fll out your applications or hurt your head trying to remember your accomplishments for your latest resume update.

To get started you need to order the free PDF Career Management Binder Builder Workbook available only through the Magickal Job Hunting Mailing List – if you haven’t signed up yet, then here is the link.

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31 Days to Magickal Job Hunting – The Book

A unique light-hearted approach to job hunting and career management is covered in this compilation of “magickal job hunting” tips and techniques.
Learn how using the moon signs can help you plan your job search to ensure success.

  • Use visualization techniques to secure your dream job.
  • Assess your personality through such methods as astrology, numerology and Chinese astrology.
  • Banish negativity and use feng shui to invite positive energy into your home and life for career success.
  • Understand how to network the right way – and attract good karma.
  • Enchant your resume for maximum effectiveness.
  • Learn how to take control of the interview by incorporating palmistry, color symbolism, and more!
  • Develop your intuition through the use of tarot cards and hypnosis in order to make better career decisions.

This book is filled to the brim with many magickal and practical ideas on how to make your job hunt more effective – no matter which stage of the game you are in.

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